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No compromises are made when we develop and manufacture our creations. No calculating red marker and no minimized versions made just to be able to offer something less expensive on the market. Our major emphasis is always on perfection; the most precious materials highlight this principle. All Subbase Audio creations are 100% handcrafted in Germany. Only highly-skilled German craftsmen and suppliers with expertise become our partners. Subbase Audio is an isle in an era where products have become short-lived and quickly exchangeable allowing people to continually consume new products.

Another priority of ours concerns the fact that we all live in the same world. In one way or another, often due to our profession, we take something from nature but give nothing back. Subbase Audio works with wood and is, to an extent, responsible for deforestation, as is everyone who buys our products. We would like to make a change and give nature more back than we have taken. We do not believe in huge charities asking for donations since only a sliver of those donations actually end up being invested in their projects. Instead, Subbase Audio purchases rain forest land with each contract. If you would like to actively participate in this project, please visit