Project Description


Our Subbase Analogique offers you the perfect way to protect your high-quality analog device from coupling resonance caused by its mounting surface. This turntable base integrates our Subbase écho technology and allows the best possible working surface for your devices. Another option would be to complement the Subbase Analogique with our field absorption unit. The result: electronic and electromagnetic fields negatively impacting your pickup system are retained, allowing the realization of a new quality of analog music reproduction.


There are two fundamental variations for setting up analog devices, uncoupling them from the surface on which they rest and coupling them to that surface.  The Subbase écho technology combines both variations into one setup. Resonance resulting, for example, from reverberations is effectively prevented, because the Subbase Analogique uncouples the turntable from its mounting surface. At the same time, the device is tightly coupled to the base achieving optimal results. An additional mounting surface can also be integrated in order to set up an isolated turntable drive motor, and, in doing so prevent any negative influence of the drive motor on the device.


The Analogique base will be manufactured according to the requirements specified in your contract. All measurements are possible; there are also many options available regarding the sophisticated outer frame – multiplex in various stains, RAL-color lacquers, high-gloss lacquer, acrylic, leather or precious wooden veneer. Let us advise you.


The materials used in each individual Subbase Analogique allow for not only the best possible performance, but are also guaranteed to make our creations extremely durable. Each part comes from a German supplier. In addition, we only cooperate with regionally located master craftsmen. Manufactured creations handcrafted in Germany.


The Subbase écho plays the most significant role in Subbase’s concept.

Component set-up