Project Description

Composant S

Our Subbase component base Composant S is all-encompassing protection for high-quality audio components. It includes the Subbase écho technology for perfect resonance control, a large field absorber for electrical and electromagnetic fields, as well as our LFG432 technology. If a Composant S is set up below other audio components, then it positively influences all recurring interference, reduces it and harmonizes mechanical resonance, as well as disharmonic E/M fields. Our optional Composant CF coupling pucks round everything off, resulting in the perfect coupling of the individual components.


The Subbase écho technology comes from the Subbase écho LS loudspeaker base and has been modified to be placed under audio components. Our E/M field absorber has been developed by Subbase and significantly outperforms everything we have experienced so far in sound and technology. It absorbs electrical as well as electromagnetic fields and diverts them to the floor via the connections on the back. We offer the matching GroundBox including the premium grounding cable for best possible results. The LFG432 technology intervenes in the E/M fields of the components and homogenizes them.


The visible outer frame of the Composant S is elegant and timeless, allowing the audio components positioned on top to unleash their effect on you. It highlights their design and refrains from stepping into the spotlight. The engraved name plate in the front is kept simple and the grounding sockets in the back are framed with black anodized aluminum. The slate, a silky soft and smooth surface, rounds the design off perfectly. Customer requests regarding frame design (size and materials) are gladly taken into account. Please ask us.


The outer frame is polished by hand. Every component is set up in our shop and calibrated in regards to performance and durability.


Dimensions: W x H x D (cm) 47 x 4.2 x 43
Surface area for components: W x D (cm) 44 x 40
Frame design: black acrylic, other options possible
Surface area material: finely sanded slate
Weight: 18 kg
Maximum load: 120 kg


The Composant S plays the most significant role in terms of component setup at Subbase.

Component set-up