Project Description

Ebony LS

Ebony LS offer the best possible, homogeneous coupling of loudspeakers to Subbase’s écho LS bases.

The special characteristics of thoroughly dried ebony cause homogenous resonance coupling throughout the entire frequency area. With our ideal – no sound, just music – always in mind, Ebony LS in combination with Subbase écho LS has become indispensable.


Most loudspeaker chassis today, as in earlier times, are made of wood. If a different material, such as steel, ceramic, plastic, etc. be used for coupling purposes, the result is merely a material-based decoupling instead of a true coupling. Ebony is the most homogeneous natural material for coupling a loudspeaker to a base, guaranteeing a neutral frequency tone. The materials we use have been stored for at least 10 years and are quite expensive.


The form and design of the simple stand have been constructed wholly to achieve the best possible results. Even the ridges serve to perform. Ebony LS is timeless and has a low profile appearance; it shines solely through its performance.


The coupling puck Ebony LS is completely manufactured by hand. Our expert wood turner handcrafts our ebony products according to old tradition and with utmost precision – flattering hands of a special kind.


Ebony LS complements our other Subbase products.

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