Project Description

écho LS

Subbase écho LS allows for the perfect setup of every loudspeaker, irrespective of construction and concept. The perfect mounting surface for a loudspeaker is characterized by the fact that it does not create any tonal displacement caused by coupling resonance with the base, and impulse signals can exit the chassis in their original state, free of super-imposed sounds and interferences. Therefore, the Subbase écho LS creates the perfect working atmosphere for your loudspeakers. No more, no less. Due to the applied Subbase écho technology, a Subbase écho LS will never add its own sound to the signal, allowing you to experience music in all its authenticity.


Two basic methods exist for setting up loudspeakers – decoupling them from and coupling them to the mounting surface. Subbase écho technology combines both methods in one setup. Resonance triggered, for example, by foot impact is effectively eliminated since the Subbase écho LS uncouples the loudspeakers from their mounting surface. The loudspeakers are simultaneously coupled directly to their base, achieving optimal results with the Ebony LS loudspeaker feet, and using the frequency neutral feedback coupling of the loudspeaker.


Each base is handcrafted according to the specifications outlined in your contract. Every size and various options regarding the finish of your outer frame are available. Let us help you decide whether multiplex in various colors, RAL-lacquers, high-gloss lacquer, acrylic, leather or precious wood furnishing is best for you.


The materials used for each individual Subbase écho LS gurarantee the best possible performance combined with durability. All parts come from German suppliers. In addition, we only work with regional companies with years of expertise. Manufactured creations, handcrafted in Germany.


The écho LS is of utmost significance at Subbase.