Project Description


Our GroundBox [Gen.2] realizes an uncompromising star-shaped grounding and offers eight connections as input. It is the perfect partner for grounding our Composant S equipment bases. On a second GroundBox [Gen.2] also audio system devices can be connected, which are then suppressed by the additional use of Vividus. The grounding cables required for connection are also available from us, in various qualities. The Subbase Premium earthing cables are  our standard and can only be topped by an Ultima Musica earthing cable from Refine GmbH.

You may be wondering why grounding of device bases makes a difference at all, depending on which cables are connected? The difference lies in the speed of the interferences to be eliminated, as well as the bandwidth of the interference frequency spectrum. Whether you can hear that? Yes, without a doubt!

Please note that bases and audio devices should not be connected together to a GroundBox.


The grounding block of the GroundBox [Gen.2] consists of E-Cu copper (high-purity electrolytic copper) and is directly silvered. In addition, all conductive materials have been optimized by Refine GmbH. The entire case is resonance-trimmed, which significantly improves the homogenous silence throughout the sound. The earthing block is coupled with all other components by a clamping process optimised by us during production via torque adjustment exactly to its resonance frequency. The materials used form one unit and were selected according to their individual properties.


The revised outfit of the GroundBox [Gen.2] was inspired by the look of Vividus. Black anodized, finely brushed aluminum combined with black nickel-plated high-gloss surfaces underline the straightforward industrial design. Ebony was used for the head pieces.
The GroundBox [Gen.2] is small, so it finds a place everywhere, but also surprisingly heavy, which makes its stand very solid.


The processing paired with the optical qualities leave no doubt here and convey once again … “it could not be better”.


Connections | 8 inputs | 1 output for connection to PE or Vividus | designed for 4mm banana plugs
Dimensions | Width 84mm | Length 93mm | Height 53mm
Weight | 1.060g


In the Subbase concept, the GroundBox takes on an expanding significance.

Press / Reviews

Fidelity Issue 28, 2016 (German)


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