Project Description

Refine cables

There are many audio cables, each of which change sound in their own tonal character. The developer behind Refine met his own high demands: a cable must transfer the signal frequencies, precisely timed, to allow for authentic musicality (reproduction). The time and effort spent on the realization of this project has been enormous, but presents the most musical cable series on the market. If you would like to go down the path towards authentic reproduction, absolutely believable music, and can do without any special effects, then your search has come to an end. We offer two series – Emotion and Ultima Musica. Refine Emotion allows you to experience an unbelievable proximity to the musicians. The distance between you and the imaginary stage fades; you are right in the middle instead of merely in the audience. The instruments swell significantly in authenticity. The Emotion reveals the deep emotions already existent in the recorded music without adding its own characteristics. The only improvement to the Emotion is our own Ultima Musica, which reveals even more emotions due to its unique cable construction. It is as if the musical performance enlargens in each and every aspect. Both cable series are identical in terms of tone. The Ultima Musica defines the zenith of signal transportation.


Pure silver is the best conductor, though not a universal remedy. Therefore, all conducting materials undergo electron flow optimization to guarantee that all frequencies arrive at the other end of the cable simultaneously. This creates a realistic performance of the recorded music.

The contacts between the plug and conducting materials are produced with great care and new concepts in minimizing transitional resistance. The goal is to keep all resistance to a minimum.

Subbase’s geometry of fine silver conductors, which also carry our own chemical signature, allows for extremely slight, practically immeasurable background noise to arise from the cable. This is, among other factors, responsible for the absolute silence resulting between tones.

The isolation is focused on keeping dampened conducting resonances caused by the power supply in balance as well as protecting against surrounding impacts.


The design is secondary to function. Every Refine cable is lighter than most others and, therefore, does not tug on the contacts reducing material wear. We deliberately decided to refrain from mounting heavy metal plates with engravings onto the Refine. Instead, the fine ebony blends into the sophisticated, yet simple, design. A Refine does not boast, it serves to transmit signals and supply your system. Design is secondary to function.

Every cable – Emotion and Ultima Musica – is available in lengths of 128 cm, 192 cm, 256 cm.


Refine manufactures on demand, 100% handcrafted. It is passion that steers every process at Refine. Perfectionism is their inner drive to create the best product for its purpose. The quality of workmanship is absolutely top-notch. This excellent whole concept radiates value and true sustainability.   You could say that every cable gets better and better through time and, with that, even increases in value.


The Refine cable series is the most significant product regarding electrical and signal transmission at Subbase.

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