Project Description

Trinity MCF

The Trinity MCF is a highly developed component foot used to setup your audio devices. At a first glance, it just looks like a massive spike, but the resonance diverting mechanics can be found on the inside. The Trinity MDF performs, to a smaller extent, similarly to a Subbase écho LS base, but is dependent on the number of audio components positioned on it. The Trinity MCF is a practical component foot and is not used in combination with a base.


The kinetic energy is transferred into the Trinity MCF via a ball and disperses the frequencies. The kinetic energy remaining is, then, no longer able to influence the audio components.


The Trinity MCF has a cone shape, the top of which is made of aluminum and offered either in high-gloss or anodized black.

The bottom, which holds the technology, is made of wood. Various types of wood are available. You can decide what kind of effect your Trinity MCF will visually have in combination with your audio components.


The Trinity MCF is built to last a lifetime, as are all of our creations. High-density aluminum combined with precious woods – a dream.


The Trinity MCF is an alternative product at Subbase.

  • Radius: 50 mm
  • Height: 43 mm
  • Maximum load: 35 kg per set
  • Aluminum: high-gloss silver or anodized black
  • Wood: Kingwood or Macassar Ebony
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