Project Description

Vinyl Harmony Clamp

The Vinyl Harmony Clamp is a product of the highest evolution in development. The combination of perfectly compatible precious materials achieves a unique result in analog playback.


Only a perfectly harmonious combination of materials can have a respective influence on a record. The counterweight and the record are joined by the most precious ebony. The optimal torque needed to fasten the titanium screws was calculated in many music listening sessions. The Vinyl Harmony Clamp is available in two sizes: 200 g and 460 g.


The visual design is simple yet elegant. The large platter of the Vinyl Harmony Clamp shines in chrome (gold is also available); the ergonomically formed handle is anodized black. Inlayed rubber rings offer a solid grip. The name plate is on the underside, unnoticeable during play. The LFG432 lens in the tone arm perfects the sound results.


All metals used are produced in small batches in a high-precision CNC-lathe and polished by hand. The ebony we use, which has been stored for a minimum of 10 years, is of the highest quality, is milled by hand and fitted precisely. The Vinyl Harmony Clamp has been designed to last a lifetime and offer you years of enjoyment.


The Vinyl Harmony Clamp is an indispensible product in Subbase’s concept.