Project Description


The sub-base internal P.N.R.SYS (passive noise reducing system) absorbs potential currents and stops them from flowing back into the connected component. To provide the least possible resistance to these currents, we use only high purity fine silver. A consistently continuous contact between all elements is essential. We therefore use the best conductor material of our partner Refine audio, Ultima Musica silver. All conductive materials have been optimized electronically at Refine. This process ensures these materials are fully optimized to defeat all interference frequencies from the device.


Our first creation based on P.N.R.SYS is called Vividus.

Vividus means “natural”, lively and describes the effect very precisely. Through reducing the interference potentials before they affect the signal current, very fine structures can be heard and experienced in music. Our experience shows that every little piece of information makes the “picture” complete. The more complete the acoustic “image” is, the more realistic and authentic we will experience the music reproduction.


With Vividus, you get a modular system for targeted and effective interference suppression of your audio components. It can be connected to any system component – including any computer, NAS or router when used for signal delivery. Modular means that you decide how many devices you want to equip with a Vividus. A large grounding box is too space-consuming for many listening rooms and often provides unneeded connections. Another advantage of Vividus is the component-oriented installation and thus a short connection cable path, which means even less material resistance.

To avoid interfering with the signal current, we strongly do not recommend connecting the signal ground, this complies with the entire Subbase concept.

Because a changed signal = no lifelike reproduction.


The manufacturing quality of Vividus is typical for Subbase creations. We use selected woods for the housing. The metals, screws and glue used are also matched to each other as well as torque of all screws.

Nothing is left to chance!


Overview of Vividus:


  • Lifelike reproduction of the signal by massive reduction of potential currents
  • Individual filtering | modular system
  • lowest electrical resistance due to direct contact
  • best possible conductor material – refine optimized fine silver of highest purity
  • Short contact paths between Vividus and component
  • Every device benefits from Vividus
  • High quality materials for an unlimited life


You can purchase Vividus with the following connectors:


  • 6-8mm for ground terminals | 4mm bananas
  • 3mm cable lug for use on housing screws

SCHUKO plug for connection to the socket (earth)

Press/Reviews (German)

Fidelity Magazin Nr. 43 | Vividus Fachbericht

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