DEiNFORMER cleaning spray -perfect cleaning of CD and Vinyl surface
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A few years ago we tried many helpers to get the CD to the limit of its possibilities. We came across the DEiNFORMERsprays and put them through their paces. With the result that these are indispensable in terms of vinyl and CD reinonation. In order to be able to understand the special effect of the spray, we initially cleaned the test sound carriers very intensively. Afterwards, the recordings were heard and then deinformed,by means of spray. The effect can be heard very clearly. We don’t talk about worlds but musicians sound more like people of flesh and blood and instruments sound more real, more believable in their timbres. Here more than a cleaning of phonograms happens, absolutely recommended. In the case of CD cleaning, playback loses its digital taste and sounds much more analog than before.


DE VINYL is delivered with a high-quality spray bottle and dosing cup. If you want, you can finally do without the unpleasant chemistry and choose the ecological variant, which also behaves 100 neutrally to the sensitive vinyl surfaces. Free from aggressive-abrasive ingredients – real value preservation for sound lovers and collectors.


The concentrate is mixed with water and yields 2 liters of cleaning liquid:


Sufficient for up to 200 LPs

(Intensive initial or basic cleaning)


Sufficient for up to 400 LPs

(Short cleaning / Follow-up cleaning)


Suitable for use in all plate washing machines (brush machine & ultrasound).


For cleaning we recommend a high quality glass cleaning cloth i.e. Riedel.



With an intensive initial or basic cleaning with used vinyl, one expects about 50 cents per plate. For later subsequent cleanings or new vinyl with approx. 25 cents per plate.


For CDs and DVDs approx. 25 cents use in basic cleaning.


100ml (very productive and durable for many years) 119 Euro.


25. May 2020


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