Hifine harmonization - for a natural room atmosphere in which music can spread neutrally, stress-free and emotional.
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Hifine space harmonisation is the best way for us to reduce the stress in molecular behavior generated by microwave radiation. The standing shaft generated by Hifine’s balls and cylinders harmonizes this stress and ensures that the molecules behave much more naturally. The effects are measurable, e.g. by the Schroeder analysis (reverberation measurement).

When we talk about the stress of molecules, what does that mean?
Imagine how a microwave works where you can heat food. Here, the food is bombarded with microwaves, which causes the molecules – in the case of water molecules – to vibrate so strongly that they collide and develop heat through friction. All around us is microwave radiation from mobile communications, Wlan, LTE, UMTS I+II, 5G, etc. Sound is transmitted through the air by inducing molecules and thus transporting the frequencies through space. These microwaves now also put the molecules in the air under stress and distort the frequencies emitted by the loudspeaker on the way to the ear. In this case, we hear the signal plus the distortions, which also affects the propagation of sound.

The hifine spheres and cylinders produce a more natural behavior of the molecules. This greatly reduces the distortions of the sound waves. The effect allows fine information to be heard again and the sound to spread harmoniously in the room. Soundfully, we hear this very strongly in a quiet, relaxed and detached reproduction. The person himself is also more relaxed and can get involved in the music better.



The Hifine elements radiate a standing wave of information passively. The exact implementation is a trade secret, the effect can be experienced by everyone. Depending on the shape and size of the room and size, the use of more than four cylinders makes sense. We will be happy to advise you on the individual optimum and all options.



The mould is used for the best possible radiation. Over the years, many experiences have been gained and implemented. The most effective form is the cylinder and is offered by us.



All cylinders are turned from a piece of solid wood, the standard being alder. If you would like other woods, please contact us.


Subbase concept

In the subbase concept, the spatial harmonisation elements of Hifine are of great importance.


24. May 2020


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