no sound - just music
Subbase Concept
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Subbase’s concept is the logical consequence deriving from the drive to make the music experience more authentic.

How massive the impact of extensive potential sources of error within a music-producing system can be on acoustical signal processing has become quite apparent through the numerous experiences that we have made in the last few years. Our concept at Subbase leads us down an uncompromising path towards the goal of enjoying pure music without the impacting errors that can separate us from experiencing that authentic music. Our motto “no sound, just music” is our guideline.

The major pillars are as follows:

  •    Setup
  •    Current and Signal Processing
  •    Space Impact, i.e. Space Acoustics

Further categories such as power harminonisation and potential interference of audio devices on each other, as well as the perfect grounding of a system are no less important.

The more sensitive and harmonious the tonal balance of a system is, the more obvious the great significance each and every single aspect of a system plays. All in all, people continue to evolve; old habits and patterns are re-evaluated and substituted with new experiences. Those who are open enough will be able to experience music within their own four walls in a completely new way.

Subbase’s concept allows for individual consultation in deciding which step is most constructive for you. Of course, our customers can decide for themselves to what extent they are willing to go in improving their sound systems.

Each and every single creation of ours or our partners helps bring your audio system one huge step closer to authentic music reproduction. In the end, every music lover can experience the quality of today’s high-end systems and the proximity to his/her favourite artists.

If you are seriously interested in making an appointment at your home or would like thorough consultation, then please let us know.