Subbase écho LS & Goldmund
Subbase Audio Manufaktur entwickelt Produkte zur Optimierung von High End Musik Anlagen sowie Raumtuning. Dazu gehören Audiobasen, Racks, Lausprecherbasen und Stromaufbereitungstools sowie Kabel. Dabei steht höchste Qualität gepaart mit überragender Wirkung im Vordergrund. No sound - just music!
Lautsprecherbasen, Gerätebasen, Basen, Raumtuning, Audiorack, Hifi-Rack, Stromaufbereitung, Audiokabel, Audio Manufaktur
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Subbase écho LS & Goldmund

Subbase écho LS & Goldmund

Here is my, modulkolletiv,  next review regarding sound improvement. In the past I checked sound enhancement tools like conditioners, stands & cables. This time I tested the Subbase Echo LS sound tuning sideboard (w/ @goldmund_official Metis MK2 + stands). Find my review of Subbase Echo LS below and let me know if you have any questions, personal experiences with sound tuning sideboards or any other similar products.


Kollektiv Review •••
Subbase is a German company based in Neuss and was founded in 2004 by Thomas Schlipper. Subbase is focused in making music come to life in an authentic manner. During my journalistic investigation. I visited the brand new & truly well designed Subbase homepage and found the following company purpose: “Creative solutions for authentic music reproduction” & “Creative solutions for acoustic optimization”. In short: Subbase is manufacturing stylish & handcrafted sound tuning products.

My new Subbase Echo LS sound tuning sideboard comes in a full dimenson of 380 mm (W), 380 mm (D) and 50mm (H).The slate footprint (inner core) dimension is about 350 (W) mm and 350 mm (D) and specially made for my Goldmund Metis MK2 speaker. To improve the sound quality of your audio system you just need to put your speaker onto the Subbase Echo LS. The product degenerates the loudspeaker from the floor and let them play more clear and neutral.


Kollektivo Conclusio•••
Generally the music sounds better with the Subbase ECHO LS. Especially the bassline seams to be more powerful and precise. Well, I do not clearly understand the physically reason but the Subbase Echo LS sound tuning sideboard improves the sound. Give it a try and get in contact with Thomas. His proceedings are very informative and helpful.


Thank you Thomas Schlipper @subbaseaudio for the Echo LS.