Subbase Audio is a manufacture for audiophile products focusing on optimising your stereo sytem. We offer custom made audio furniture, speaker base, component base as well as tuning products, for the most authentic musik reproduction.
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Thomas Schlipper

Creativity without limits

Our idea


With the aim of making music authentically experienceable, the Subbase Audio Tuning concept idea, with our speaker base, device base, groundbox and our audio rack, is the logical consequence. Every music medium (be it Vinyl, CD or streaming) will become a memorable and very personal experience in your home setting. This precious piece of living quality is what we want to bring to live for you. Music is excitement and relaxation at the same time for us, the music lovers.

– Pure emotion –


Reports & References


  • Shambala TSS

    Shambala Bavarian experiences

    After I decided to buy one last turntable, the purchase of a new larger hi-fi rack was also pending. I searched for a long time, but nothing...

  • Project SP10-R

    On behalf of our customers, we were able to develop a frame with integrated Subbase écho technology for a new Technics SP10-R. The entire d...

  • Acoustic Grove System

    Acoustic Grove System

    NEW in our program are the fantastic room acoustic elements for forest-friendly diffusion from the Japanese company AGS – Acoustic Gro...