Subbase Audio is a manufactory for exclusive hi-fi audio furniture, such as made-to-measure bases or our audio rack Shambala, the finest audio equipment and much more. We offer an overall concept for real music lovers, because music has its own language.
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Creativity without limits

Our idea


With the aim of making music an authentic experience, the Subbase Audio Tuning Concept is the logical consequence with our bases (
device bases
), the
and our exclusive HiFi Rack, or the fantastic signal cables from Sternklang. Every music medium (be it Vinyl, CD or streaming) will become a memorable and very personal experience in your home setting. This precious piece of living quality is what we want to bring to live for you. Music is excitement and relaxation at the same time for us, the music lovers.

– Pure emotion –


Reports & References


  • Vividus zwo Report

    In the current Image-HiFi magazine there is a very detailed article about the Vividus zwo on page 115, including an interview. The PDF can b...

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    IKIGAI audio

    From now on we have sensationally good power and signal cables in our program for you again. Primarily, we recommend the power cables from I...

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    CH Precision D1.5

    Are purchases of high-quality SACD/CD players or drives up-to-date? Wasn’t the CD written off as dead years ago?   In our opinion...