The Idea

We have tried to make the music experience as realistic as possible ever since the practice of reproducing music through the usage of audio components has been made available. Thus, every concert becomes an unforgettable experience within the privacy of one´s home. It is imperative to cultivate and intensely enjoy this bit of quality of life. After all, we music fans regard music as relaxation and excitement all in one.

No concessions are made during the development process and crafting of our products. There is no cost reduction leading to watered-down versions of our products which, in turn, would allow us to offer our products at reduced prices. Perfection is our foremost priority; therefore, only choice materials are used in our products.  All Subbase Audio products are hand-made in Germany.   We only employ craftsmen accredited by the German Chamber of Crafts and suppliers with superb technical know-how.

In the vast ocean of short-lived and easily replaceable products of the present day which enable customers to consume again within a short period of time, Subbase Audio would like to remain an island, offering products which will offer its customers joy for years to come.

Offering perfect accessories which increase the musicality of your audio system as well as give you joy and quality – this is our passion. We achieve all of this by simply following the motto: Take the best and make it even better!

Perfection in detail, perfect musicality, and the love of music turns this collection into what it actually is.

Our creations complement each other perfectly, so that your components can finally achieve maximum playback quality. Increased dynamics, subtle acoustic characteristics, and the well-rounded musical performances are amazingly “live-istic”!

If you do not want to make any compromises but do want the best value for your money, then let us offer you our advice. Whether you would like consultation on location or consultation regarding external products or the like, get in touch with us!

“The average gives the world its substance,
the exceptional its value.”
Oscar Wilde
“We have overcome Hifi sound once we realised that our traditional models of music description do not work anymore.”
Thomas Schlipper
“No music is worth something, for which one need to explain to the listener what is experienced in what he has to experience.”
Gustav Mahler


The customers who choose one of our creations are keen to get 100% functionality, thought through til the very end as weil as highest build quality combined with timeless elegance.

With our creations, we aim to deliver the most authentic music experience – built for eternity. Success starts with the attention to detail. We offer a personal support to bring your Audio project to live. This is our intrinsic motivation together with our partners – beyond marketing slogans.

Enjoy browsing through our impressions gallery – providing a glimpse of all the possibilities to integrate our creations into your audio system.