Ebony Pont
Ebony Pont - the resonance-harmonizing ebony cable bridge, for insulation - of high-end cables - from the ground.
Cable lifts, cable holders, cable bridge
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Ebony Pont

If you leave your cables directly on the floor, you may be giving away enormous sonic potential. The Ebony Pont insulate the cables effectively and stylishly from the floor. The only contact with the cable, has the most homogeneous material we know – ebony! The finer a plant is in balance, the clearer it shows which tonal discoloration previously affected the signal. It does not matter whether a cable is on the carpet, parquet, laminate, screed or cork, etc. Resonance-absorbing materials, such as various foams, are also degraded to the sound. The Ebony Pont cable bridges not only insulate, they harmonize with the ebony we use by coupling resonance. In short: the influence of the floor disappears and due to the material of the Pont, the music sounds with clean timbres and without tonal distortions – due to the cable rest.



Due to the ebony used by us – deposited for at least 10 years – the resonance coupling is very homogeneous, i.e. frequency-neutral. Materials such as carpet or cork dampen the cable in their specific frequency range, creating a tonal distortion of the flowing signal. Each material has its own properties depending on the individual density. With the Ebony Pont cable bridges you can hear less errors and more real signal information. Every owner of a Refine Audio cable is warmly encouraged by this investment.



The pont are round and long enough to accommodate any cable. The O-rings insulate the ebony from stone or wooden floors. Each cable should be worn on its own pont, so that field influences of adjacent cables are kept as low as possible. We are also happy to produce special sizes for you.



Each piece of ebony is tested for suitability and processed selectively: 100 master craftsmanship from the turner


Press/Test Reports

Fidelity Online 10/2016

Subbase concept

In the subbase concept, the Ebony Pont assumes a complementary role.


21. May 2020


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