Subbase echo LS
Subbase Audio Manufaktur entwickelt Produkte zur Optimierung von High End Musik Anlagen sowie Raumtuning. Dazu gehören Audiobasen, Racks, Lausprecherbasen und Stromaufbereitungstools sowie Kabel. Dabei steht höchste Qualität gepaart mit überragender Wirkung im Vordergrund. No sound - just music!
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Subbase echo LS

In order to ensure a perfect installation of every loudspeaker, regardless of design and concept, we have developed the subbase écho LS loudspeaker bases. A perfect footprint for a loudspeaker is characterized by the fact that it does not obtain a tonal displacement due to coupling resonances – with the base. The pulse signal must be able to leave the chassis free of scattering losses, absolutely true to the original. The Subbase écho LS provides a perfect working environment for every speaker. Thanks to the Subbase écho technology used, a Subbase écho LS never adds its own sound to the signal, so you can experience music in all its authenticity.



There are two basic variants for the installation of loudspeakers, the decoupling from the substrate and the coupling to the substrate. The Subbase écho technology combines both variants in one installation system. Resonances such as footfall sound are effectively prevented, as the subbase écho LS decouples the loudspeaker from the floor. At the same time, the loudspeakers are hard-coupled to the base – you can achieve an optimal result with the Ebony LS speaker feet – and thus use the frequency-neutral feedback coupling to the loudspeaker.



Each base is made specifically on behalf of your customers to meet your specific requirements. Each dimension is feasible and there are many options available for the finish of the noble outer frame: whether multiplex in various pickled colours, RAL coatings, high-gloss coatings, acrylic, leather or noble real wood veneers, let us advise you.



For every individual design of our Subbase écho LS, we use materials that enable the best possible functionality but at the same time ensure extremely high durability of our creations. All components come from German suppliers. In addition, we only cooperate with regionally located master companies: Manufactory creations, handmade in Germany



In the subbase concept, the Subbase écho LS is of the highest priority.


Press/Test Reports

Image Hifi Issue 5, 2010, Hifi Stars


12. May 2020



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