Vinyl Harmony Clamp
Vinyl Harmony Clamp - Weight for resonance-controlled calming of the record.
Record player weight,record weight,record clamp
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Vinyl Harmony Clamp

The Vinyl Harmony Clamp is a product of the highest developmentart: the combination of the finest and perfectly matched materials to achieve a unique result in analog reproduction. The influence of material coupling on the record is impressively demonstrated by the Vinyl Harmony Clamp. In our opinion, damping is not the optimal way, so we rely on harmonic coupling resonance. As a result, a much more musical flow can be experienced with increased liveliness. The ideal addition for turntables placed on our Subbase Analogique.



The perfectly tuned material mix achieves the harmonizing influence on a record. The contact between the pressure weight and the record is created by the finest ebony. In many listening sessions, the optimum torque for the titanium screws used was determined. The VHC is available in two weight classes: 200g and 460g



The visual appearance is simple and elegant. The large support weight of the VHC shines in chrome (optionally also available in gold or brass burnished), the ergonomically shaped handle is anodized in black. The fingers experience a grippy hold through recessed rubber rings. The name engraving can be found on the bottom, where it does not catch the eye during the rotating rounds. In the handle is an LFG432 lens, which rounds off the sonic result once again.



All processed metals are produced in small series, in high-precision CNC lathes and then polished and refined by hand. Our ebony, which has been deposited for at least 10 years , of the highest quality, is turned by hand and precisely adapted. The VHC is designed for a lifetime of use and will give you lasting pleasure.



In the Subbase concept, the Vinyl Harmony Clamp is an indispensable part of the game.


Press / Review

Fidelity Issue 31


18. May 2020