Infection to perfection
Subbase Audio Manufaktur entwickelt Produkte zur Optimierung von High End Musik Anlagen sowie Raumtuning. Dazu gehören Audiobasen, Racks, Lausprecherbasen und Stromaufbereitungstools sowie Kabel. Dabei steht höchste Qualität gepaart mit überragender Wirkung im Vordergrund. No sound - just music!
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Piega and Subbase

Infection to perfection

Dear music lovers,


I would like to introduce you today to my next step in the Subbase audio product line. Currently I am the proud owner of Echo LS, Ebony LS and Ponts, which are impeccably at the service of music and already have their own report for reading (Report: Subbase & Piega 24.12.19). Today, however, it is supposed to be about the expansion of the stereo system by rewiring Refine Audio.


First of all, a brief overview of my previous installation system. This consists of the loudspeakers from the manufacturer Piega (C8 LTD).

The Devialet 440 Pro is used as an amplifier. The loudspeaker cable in my system equips the inacoustic reference 4004 Air. Since the devialet is a dual mono system, the standard AudioQuest digital cable is used as a communication/connection between the two amplifiers. The power supply of the two devices is also provided by the enclosed AudioQuest NRG-Y3 power cables.


It is thought that this line-up should already meet most of the requirements. But again and again many different inconsistencies in the sound illustration. There was no relaxed listening to music. Nevertheless, I was still looking for further improvement. Especially in live as well as classical and jazz recordings, the true, tonal representation was missing. There was no emotional attachment to the music as well as the “to be tied up” on the sofa.


Just like, language tries to translate the thoughts (and it can get into trouble), so the music system should be able to reproduce the recorded without its own tonal interpretation and be able to present any fine information, however small, to life.


In order to start in the correct order of the extensions, as the products have arrived at my home, I start with the new


“Speaker Cable – Ultima Musica GP” :


When the 4004 Air from Inakustik was replaced by the brand new Ultima Musica GP and the first sounds sounded after the fresh wiring, one thing was immediately clear: Even in the unrehearsed cold state, the GP cable declassifies a top-LS cable from a well-known manufacturer – not just by an arm length! And cable stress doesn’t like Refine cables at all – so you can wait anxiously for “more”.


The gain in timing and information flow is, to put it, an understatement.


It is amazing what happens to the music when changes occur in the range of a few microseconds and nuaances in frequency shifts in the speaker cable, or rather, simply no errors are added to the originally existing music signal at this point of the system. Compared to the GP cable, the 4004 Air actually had problems displaying songs with a high information content clean and clear. A “clogging” or “brakes” or the overload of the loudspeaker cable during the information flow best meets the hearing impression.


The absolutely correct playback of the signal in the GP cable also leads to more rest/black value between the individual tones and the music is noticeably decelerated. As a result, the spatial representation has also been massively improved. For the first time, the music played half a metre further left, right or above the loudspeakers. The order of the stage/staggering can be described as phenomenal. With the Ultima Musica GP you really only hear what sound-giving properties the previous cable of inacoustics brought with it and how these were now simply removed and you got a lot closer to the real music.


After about three months, the two power cables and the digital cable arrived. Up to this point, the loudspeaker cable was able to record over time and run up to the highest form!


“Power Cable
– Emotion TT”


After the loudspeaker cable had achieved spectacular results, I was all the more excited to optimize the power supply. Since the power supply is always a very large bottleneck of the hi-fi system and you usually tackle this component in front of the LS cables, you could of course look forward to great things after the sound gain of the Ultima Musica GP loudspeaker cables. This is where the biggest change lies in the cable’s no longer existing sound. As if all the controllers have been set to “0” for an equalizer. The music now does not sound sharp/shrill, nor dull, but plays absolutely neutral to the point. As if at the touch of a button, the music system became more acoustically transparent and had clearly lost its own sound. As with the loudspeaker cable, I was able to notice a noticeable slowdown in the music during this step. This “acoustic deception” is also due again to the superior black value. What is particularly striking – the re-energising calm in the music playback and the resulting massive! spatial depth and reverberation information. The stage spreads in all directions, especially in the depths. Every piece of music can be relived as a result. Amazing what has been captured acoustically in the available recordings. Here it is worth mentioning that you can really hear the recording process. The sound changes drastically within the first hours of the recording, just as four weeks later.


“Digital Cable – Ultima Musica GP” :


For me, the communication of the two devialets is a real secret. How is a timely, parallel sound image possible with two physically separate devices. The physicist would say – not at all. But this digital cable makes a lot of impossible things possible. Where do I start… Soundfully, it can be said that the first exchange caused a massive opening of the room. In addition, the individual instruments gained a much higher weight. I did not expect such an effect. My hi-fi system stands on a sloping roof, which now almost disappears. Various sounds occur in the room, in addition to a shape/representation… Madness!


As pleasing as this improvement was, I also found that I had found another new construction site. I was/am shocked that so much is lost at this point. Technically logical, because the devialets with different clock frequencies clock their microprocessors or synchronous counters. In order for a completely parallel image to take place, of course only one bar may work. With such an optimized chain, these differences unfortunately matter.


In conclusion, I can only say that in many places you give away a great potential of your plant and you should not give away a lot of effort in the wrong places. In the same way, I have abandoned the idea that a system may have its own sound.


The more refineins in the chain, the more these products benefit from each other and show what “non-sound” is in them. Such an honest and real music experience should not be missed.


JP from A.