Subbase Audio Manufaktur entwickelt Produkte zur Optimierung von High End Musik Anlagen sowie Raumtuning. Dazu gehören Audiobasen, Racks, Lausprecherbasen und Stromaufbereitungstools sowie Kabel. Dabei steht höchste Qualität gepaart mit überragender Wirkung im Vordergrund. No sound - just music!
Lautsprecherbasen, Gerätebasen, Basen, Raumtuning, Audiorack, Hifi-Rack, Stromaufbereitung, Audiokabel, Audio Manufaktur
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Passion & Dedication

Our products


No compromises are made on the development and manufacture of our products. No calculating red pencil and no slimmed-down versions to be able to offer even cheaper. Perfection is always in the foreground and the finest materials underline this principle. All Subbase Audio products, our Subbase écho LS speaker base, Composant S device base, Analogique turntable base, Shambala audio rack as well as our smaller tuning tools, are 100% handmade from Germany. Exclusively German craftsmen and suppliers with high expertise become our partners. At a time when products have become a fast-moving exchange product to allow customers to reconsume as quickly as possible, Subbase Audio offers an island.


On this page you will find the full range of Subbase concept products. Our own developments as well as innovative creations in the field of earthing. In segments that we do not cover ourselves, we rely on the innovative partner products. This includes the power- and signal cables as well as fuses from Refine GmbH as well as the room acoustic elements from AGS or Hifine. But also products for a perfect power supply, loudspeakers and electronics, which enjoy a special significance in our eyes, can be found on this page. We combine everything to allow a natural music reproduction, without any effects. NO SOUND | JUST MUSIC

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