Ebony LS
Ebony LS - Ebony for direct connection to the Subbase écho LS loudspeaker base.
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Ebony LS

For the best possible, homogeneous coupling of loudspeakers to our Subbase écho LS bases, we offer our speaker feet Ebony LS.
Due to the special properties of our completely dry ebony, a homogeneous resonance coupling is achieved over the entire frequency range. Leading the way to the ideal – no sound | just music – the Ebony LS in combination with the Subbase écho LS are indispensable.



Loudspeaker housings are still mostly made of wood. If another material for a loudspeaker foot, such as steel, ceramics, plastics, etc., is used for coupling, only material-related decoupling and no real coupling is achieved. Ebony is the most homogeneous natural material for establishing a coupling between the loudspeaker and the base, which ensures a frequency-neutral tonality. Regardless of the loudspeaker housing material, the Ebony LS have a harmonizing effect on the housing resonances. The material we use has been stored for at least 10 years, making it a rare raw material.



The design of the simple foot is designed to provide the best possible functionality across the board. Ebony LS are timeless, do not push themselves visually to the foreground and shine with clear understatement.



The coupling foot Ebony LS is manufactured entirely by hand. Our master turner manufactures our ebony products in an old tradition and with the highest precision. A hand flatterer of a special kind.



In the subbase concept, the Ebony LS occupy a complete significance.


17. May 2020


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