Project Description

Power lens LFG432

This absolutely revolutionary technology gives you a strong tool to harmonize error-producing currents via field modulation. This technology is comparable to a very good line filter with additional functions.


The LFG432 is a frequency generator that intervenes in electromagnetic fields, homogenizes them, removes distortions, and modulates an additional frequency. This product is based on the usage of a new and unique technology that has absolutely nothing in common with other products on the market. The goal is not to integrate personal preferences into the tool, but rather simply balance everything so that the results stay the same regardless of the kind of E/M field.


An LFG432 is like a piece of jewelry, an accessory for your electric cables. Refined high-gloss, rounded surfaces meet matt black or champagne. The LFG432 is fixed to a rubber connector with a permanent elastic strap so that it cannot shift.


All pieces are made of highly-dense aluminum and affixed with each other to hold forever.


The LFG432 plays the most significant role in terms of eliminating electrical interference in Subbase’s concept.

Power conditioning, accessories